Thursday, April 27, 2017

Road Kings Of Burbank: Legendary SoCal Car Club

Arguably one of the longest standing organizations in Burbank is the Road Kings – a Rodders and Racers car club. They are the oldest car club in Southern California, established in 1952.

If you have ever been by Bob’s Big Boy in Toluca Lake on a Friday night, you have likely seen some of the members displaying their beautifully restored and maintained classic cars. Their members and cars show up at many local community events as well.   

While the Road Kings membership greatly enjoys the camaraderie of their shared interest in classic cars, behind the scenes, the organization does a lot of fund raising for many charitable purposes. They have raised funds in excess of $500,000 in the last decade alone, 99% of which has gone to the causes they have supported.

Among the groups and organizations supported are the Boys and Girls Club, the Boy Scouts, and the Burbank Youth Summer Jobs Program.    They have also funded scholarships for students interested in pursuing the industrial arts.   

The Road Kings will be involved in a couple of upcoming 2017 events in Burbank.

On June 11th, they will be holding a Classic Car Show at Johnny Carson Park in Burbank. Admission is free to visitors.   There will be food vendors, music, raffles, and a silent auction. Funds raised at the show will go to support local charities.  

On August 5th, they will be participating in a car show on San Fernando Road in downtown Burbank.     

You can check their website,, for more details on the Classic Car Show on June 11th and more stories and information about the group.

We are happy to share the Road Kings story with you and spread the word about a great group with incredible longevity and a big heart in supporting local community needs.